What is wild jujube spine date seed extract

Product Name Wild jujube Spine date seed extract powder 10:1
Latin Name Fructrs Jujubae
Herb Source Will jujube
Used Part seed
Specification 5:1,10:1,20:1
Assay Method UV
Appearance Brown fine powder
Functions 1. improve the quality of sleep

2. treat neurosism

3. protect from anoxia and reoxygenation damage

4.regulate central nervous system

5. anti-tumor,enhancing immunity

6. protective against ischemic cerebral damages

7.used for dysphoria,insomnia,dreaminess,


8. inhibitor eclampisa ,lower the body temperature


Application Pharmaceutical

Health care product


Packing Details 1kg/aluminum foil vacuum bag
25kg in one Fiber drum with double layer plastic bag
or according to the customer’s request
Storage Situation Store in cool dry place,avoid sunlight and high temperature.
Shelf Life 24months


About Our Factory

We are one of pioneering herb extract manufacture in
China mainland.with 15years experience.
We supply 10%-98% natural compounds in bulk .our products all are
-100%natural, no chemical synthetic.
-fresh stock
-Most competitive price

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